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Strength of the Trust
Smt. Velammal
Inspiration is like a spark. It can light the whole city. One frail lady with strong conviction has motivated thousands of others to have good education and be proud citizens. One Velammal has kindled the spirit of Thousands of Velammalians.
A very humble, rustic lady with rural background and an unassuming attitude was how one described Smt. Velammal. when they met her for the first time. But this frail lady, with her conviction and determination inspired the society and transformed it through her devoted son, Shri M.V.Muthuramalingam like Jeeja Bai influenced Chatrapati Shivaji centuries ago.
Her Philosophy was quite simple, She used to say, " You take care of the society and the society will reciprocate. You are not in isolation nor is your family. It is all a part of the society and the growth is interdependent ".
Shri M.V.Muthuramalingam chose to serve the society by providing education and established Velammal Educational Trust. He believed that knowledge is the core strength of the society. Velammal Institutions follows this philosophy and is serving the society in its own humble way and endeavours to be ' a perfect educator'.
The Management
Shri. M.V. Muthuramalingam
Velammal Educational Trust
Shri. M.V.M. Velmurugan
Chief Executive Officer
Velammal Educational Trust
Shri. M.V.M. Velmohan
Velammal Educational Trust
Shri. M.V.M. Sasi Kumar
Velammal Educational Trust
Following the Leader
Velammal has brought about a revolution and has rewritten the history of education in Tamilnadu. Velammal spotted the chinks in the armour of education system in the state and went about changing it to make it more effective, productive, contemporary, progressive and powerful. It nurtures a unique concept in teaching that explores the innate talents in the students and makes them academically strong, physically and mentally fit to lead a successful life.

Today, Velammalians are making a mark in their chosen fields all across the globe. Velammal Educational Trust, which started with an initial intake of merely 183 students and 13 staff in 1986, today has more than a lakh students and around 10,000 staff members. The growing strength of students has created a need for more teachers and supporting staff and the selection is being done very scrupulously. Highly professional administrative staff forms the bridge between the parents and the institution, upholding the belief of the trust in ethical practices.
His Excellency,
The Former President of India,
Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam,
felicitating Velammal.
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